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(25) Scotty
Sun, 29 October 2017 00:53:26 +0000

Hey guys!!

Arriving next week for a month alone and hope you are open!! Didn't think you were gonna open till December but saw on the forums that the shacks are going up now!

Bryan Scott(y)

(24) IrinaTord
Wed, 12 April 2017 20:44:31 +0000

Блин это просто нечто, классно придумали.

Thu, 2 March 2017 11:45:15 +0000

I have been going to Goa for a very long time. Bobby's Shack is the best shack on the planet.

(22) Derek & Angela
Sat, 3 December 2016 22:48:17 +0000

all the best for the coming season, see you all in feb 2017 looking forward to seeing you all again as you know 2016 hol was cut short xx

(21) Chris & Rita
Sat, 8 October 2016 11:42:12 +0000

Returning in February 2017 can't wait, had a wonderful Tim at Bobby's shack 3 years ago

(20) Chris and Rita
Sun, 10 January 2016 14:51:43 +0000

Just booked up to come back February 2017. Can't wait to see you all again

(19) John and Jean bishop
Fri, 6 November 2015 22:10:28 +0000

Looking forward to seeing you all again. Returning to Candolim on 22nd November 2015

(18) vera n bert wells
Sun, 26 July 2015 18:04:49 +0000

hi bobby thank you for our last holiday jan/feb 2015 we have booked for 2016 from 27th jan 3 weeks so look forward to spending our days with you all on the beach each day from vera n bert wells

(17) Alan and Lou
Thu, 9 April 2015 13:52:47 +0000

Thanks to all of you guys for giving us fantastic holidays, fantastic food,drink,etc etc. Thanks for playing with Charlie and making him the talk of the beach. He has his own youtube channel now...charles john rimmer,check it out. We've already booked this years holiday, 4 weeks, so you will have to put up with us over christmas and new year.

Bobbys Shack...THE place to spend your time in Goa.

(16) Captain Alex
Tue, 27 January 2015 14:07:01 +0000

Looked here by accident, while resting on Candolim. In January 2015 Just enjoyed a good WiFi, free sun beds (at the order at least something). The absence of obscene speech (in shack and sunbeds around it mostly English-speaking tourists). The prices are not higher than others (but somewhere and below). Lunch was pleased by the fact that when ordering "know save" dishes really "know save," but at the same time accompanied by sauces (eg Shezwan) and can be adjusted to the level of "save" their meals. Around 17:00 sunbeds are collected and can be sitting in a shack to watch a beautiful sunset (sunset). Then on the sand endure additional tables and you can spend dinner with the sound of the surf. In the shack, you can order a taxi (at regular price). Call Bobby host (this is clear from the title). Deputy - his brother Sanjay. As well as a large team of his friends - El, Sanju, Devine and other (well, not all remember). Also in the shack has a staff therapist Raj Kapoor - engaged in massage since 1995. Ordered Lobster. His first live show (well, it's probably because everywhere). Recommend dishes such as Cheese Naan Naan or Cheese Garlick (This cake instead of bread, but you can eat and as a separate dish). Always with a sauce (for example the same Shezwan). Chicken lalipop. Chicken Cotton Blue. Soup with shrimp. Fried Calamari Gold - the most it for a beer. The menu has translated into Russian, sometimes the truth is very funny.
Find nis easy. From the beach road - the third left. If you come on the bike and stopped in the parking lot on the left, then went out to the beach with the sand prkovki it will be just right. I recommend!

(15) connie and des
Thu, 13 November 2014 21:35:56 +0000

hi guys hope you are all well we are coming out on 26th december cant wait to see yous all again

(14) Klein
Mon, 31 March 2014 12:17:04 +0000

Sehr schön. Essen sehr gut und preiswert.
Gleich zu Bobby´s, so spart man Zeit. Es sie denn, man will woanders böse Überraschungen erleben.
Auf jeden Fall, empfehlenswert.

(13) michaela
Tue, 25 March 2014 13:10:36 +0000

We are from Germany and we spend this week in goa . Wie went every day to this sharck becauce the food is great and thr people very very nice. The play music and the amosphere is great :)

(12) john & carol
Fri, 14 February 2014 14:00:43 +0000

hi bobby and staff !! not been home a week yet and missing you all !!thanks for making are fir st time inGoa excerlent good food specially sunday dinner !! say hi to RAGU AND KACHU FROM US BOTH XXXX

(11) Tony Jackie Jess & josh
Mon, 13 January 2014 20:53:13 +0000

Had a wonderful Christmas in Goa, made all the more memorable with the fantastic food and amazing hospitality from all at Bobby's shack especially Raj, Kash, Yil and Dave (apologies for name spelling!,) hope you are all keeping well and look forward to seeing you again soon.

(10) Jamie watts
Wed, 8 January 2014 07:43:46 +0000

Just a quick message to thank bobby and all of the gang for a wonderful time.
We have been to many places around the world but we have never felt more welcome or received a better service anywhere.
Special mentions to Raj who gives the best massages and is always extremely grateful for a bar of Cadbury's dairy milk. Kash and David are always on hand to help in anyway and go the extra mile to make the Bobby's experience extra special.
The food is fantastic and they offer the best biriyani in the whole of goa.
All of the boys are fantastic and will do anything for you.
We look forward to seeing you all again in March.

(9) Rajeev Venkat
Wed, 1 January 2014 13:05:00 +0000

Like every one of the past 5yrs we were in Goa for Christmas this year too. We spent all our 5 days in Candolim & at Bobbys Shack from 2Pm till 6Pm. We had a nice time wit the wonderful service & food.

God Bless U All.
3 Cheers to Bobbys Shack

(8) des and connie mcavoy
Wed, 6 June 2012 15:00:59 +0000

booked for next december for 4wks cant wait to spend it with yous see you on 22nd dec 2012

(7) Amitabh Mukherjee
Wed, 6 June 2012 15:00:24 +0000

We are well known destination wedding planner in India. For our upcoming wedding group we consider your venue for the event.Please get in touch soon.

(6) Maria
Wed, 6 June 2012 14:59:32 +0000

Best toilets in Goa.

(5) Vicky
Wed, 6 June 2012 14:51:24 +0000

Had lovely time in December. Plans to visit Goa again in April 2012. Could u arrange for special dinner for a couple?

(4) Kevin & Jan King
Wed, 6 June 2012 14:50:41 +0000

Thank you Booby and all the staff for making our 6 weeks holidays so enjoyable, now back in the cold of the UK but have booked again for next January. Keep the Chicken Tikka Wrap on the menu!

(3) Jane
Wed, 6 June 2012 14:49:50 +0000

Thanks to all for making our holiday so special

Jane and Dave

(2) John and Jan Wickens
Wed, 6 June 2012 14:45:39 +0000

Hi guys and thanks for a fantastic holiday. Looking forward to next year already


(1) scott mcclements
Wed, 6 June 2012 14:44:02 +0000

Hi Bobby. Hope to make it to the shack again this year before I leave.