Christmas Eve

Christmas will never seem quite the same after you experience Christmas Eve at Bobby’s Shack with the special Christmas decorations and the Christmas Table uncovered, if you don’t get into the Christmas spirit here, you never will!

Christmas Eve Buffet:

  • Too much to list! Everything from Roast Turkey and all the trimmings to spicy curries laid out in a wonderful festive display. Come on up, help yourself and eat as much as you want. Still hungry? Come back up for more.
  • Happy Christmas! The clock hits midnight and the sky erupts in a display of amazing colours. Be a part of this incredible spectacle while the locals and holiday makers alike celebrate the coming of Christmas with a fantastic display of fireworks. The many different shacks all along this seven kilometer stretch of beach become one as they, accompanied by the many hotels and restaurants behind the beach, jointly create one of the most spectacular displays of pyrotechnics anywhere in the world.
  • Memories to last two lifetimes! Don’t miss outt.

Please note that the above is by pre-order so please book at least 24 hours in advance. If you don’t book, you may be disappointed!